#23 Improv, Not Screenplays: Holographic Learnings w/ Dave and Eric Rak

Creating mixed reality experiences for HoloLens shatters the existing paradigms designers and developers have come to understand. As early Microsoft HoloLens partners, Dave Curry and Eric Rak were invited to speak to an incoming Holographic Academy class to provide useful insight for teams preparing to start working with HoloLens.

If you’d like to click along with the slides from our talk, the PDF is available on SlideShare at Improv, Not Screenplays: Iterative Holographic Design.

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#22 Jeff Weir, Senior Interaction Designer at frog

#21 Will Robots Replace Creative Professionals?

Robots and artificial intelligence are part of our daily routine. Algorithms influence everything from what we see in our feed to where we go out for dinner and drinks. We have apps that make creative decisions, like choosing the best photos from our camera roll, but will robots ever replace creative professionals?

At April and May’s CreativeMornings Seattle, Dave posed the question to the #cmseattle community and got a variety of thought-provoking answers from Royal, Jonathan, Dmitry, Jasmine, Archimedes, Joe, Jeremy, Matt, Brian, Colin, Marianne, Fancy, Megan, Per, Rob, John, Nicole, Taylor, Mark, Alexander, Peter, Emily, Kane, and Meredith.

AND HOORAY! I’m Kermit-the-Frog-YAY excited about my new theme song, composed and performed by the mysterious Breakmaster Cylinder. Working with BMC was a huge treat for me and I keep pinching myself to prove it actually happened!

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#20 Patrick Ascolese, Engineer at Presence Labs

The VR space is on fire and Dave and Patrick, a creative engineer who works in VR now and was part of the Kinect team back in the day, talk VR/AR/MR, the power of mobile, the Rift and the Vive, HoloLens, Amazon’s Echo, moving to Seattle, moving pizzas, and so much more.

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#19 Eva Hoerth, Design Researcher for VR

OMG, our first episode in 2016 and we’re kicking the year off right by covering all of the realities; virtual, augmented, and even mixed, with Eva Hoerth, design researcher for VR and community builder at the very epicenter of Seattle’s VR scene.

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#17 Career Advice from the CreativeMornings Seattle Community

At October’s CreativeMornings Seattle, Dave asked a bunch of morning people what their best piece of career advice was, and got smart, thoughtful, and sometimes funny answers from Luz, Isaac, Shruti, Roya, Christopher, Jason, Marion, Jonathan, Kevin, Adrienne, Andrew, Maggie, Wayne, Austin, Jeremy, Emily, Caroline, and Dana.

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#16 Craig Fox, Design Director at Microsoft HoloLens

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Dave sits down with Craig Fox, a UX design leader who knows all about designing and shipping consumer and enterprise applications. Craig and Dave cover acres of hallowed ground; studying jazz, the classic Commodore 64, the impact of Flash, how amazing the movie Tron was, and even running your own company.

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#15 Dale Hart, Executive Creative Director and Royal Stuart, Account Director at Digital Kitchen

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Dave welcomes not one, but two very special guests; Dale Hart and Royal Stuart (who sound nothing alike), both from Digital Kitchen. We cover a lot of ground; growing up on farms, the importance of mentors, remaining creatively fulfilled, the power of everyday conversation, collecting letterpress equipment, going West, and much, much more.

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