#16 Craig Fox, Design Director at Microsoft HoloLens

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Dave sits down with Craig Fox, a UX design leader who knows all about designing and shipping consumer and enterprise applications. Craig and Dave cover acres of hallowed ground; studying jazz, the classic Commodore 64, the impact of Flash, how amazing the movie Tron was, and even running your own company.

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Show Notes

Discussions — 2 Responses

  • Daniel Fortine September 29, 2015 on 8:42 pm

    I was working at MSN in 1996, and I remember hearing about FutureSplash. MSN was considering using this program to create channel promos under 7k for MSN CDROM/online content. There were several features that the program did not do, and Microsoft told them, if you add these features, we will buy 300 copies of your program, 2 months later, they came rolling down the hall with a cart, and handed out FutureSplash to all of the designers… “Learn this tool”.

  • Jeff Hubert September 30, 2015 on 7:35 am

    Great podcast. Brought back many memories. I had the pleasure of working with Craig at Byte and for a short time at suburbia.

    At the time, Craig’s realtime Internet projects like the moss street paint in were amazing. He was always so into doing cool things on the net. Fun times!

    I’m not surprised that he’s involved in something as cool as HoloLens.