#21 Will Robots Replace Creative Professionals?

Robots and artificial intelligence are part of our daily routine. Algorithms influence everything from what we see in our feed to where we go out for dinner and drinks. We have apps that make creative decisions, like choosing the best photos from our camera roll, but will robots ever replace creative professionals?

At April and May’s CreativeMornings Seattle, Dave posed the question to the #cmseattle community and got a variety of thought-provoking answers from Royal, Jonathan, Dmitry, Jasmine, Archimedes, Joe, Jeremy, Matt, Brian, Colin, Marianne, Fancy, Megan, Per, Rob, John, Nicole, Taylor, Mark, Alexander, Peter, Emily, Kane, and Meredith.

AND HOORAY! I’m Kermit-the-Frog-YAY excited about my new theme song, composed and performed by the mysterious Breakmaster Cylinder. Working with BMC was a huge treat for me and I keep pinching myself to prove it actually happened!

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