New Say Something Worth Stealing T-Shirts!

Our visit to the haunted amusement park totally paid off!

New Say Something Worth Stealing T-Shirts!

It was there we encountered a one-eyed apparition who placed us in a spinning vortex before casting a spell on us. That was the bad part of the trip, but when we regained consciousness, URLs scrawled on our bodies led to two, pretty terrific, new Say Something Worth Stealing t-shirts for sale online!

The Say Something Worth Stealing Logo T-Shirt is available in a dozen colors and lots of sizes.

And the Say Something Worth Stealing Talk Logo T-Shirt is available in white and silver and lots of sizes.

These super comfy American Apparel t-shirts are guaranteed 100% non-haunted, and buying one today will help support the podcast while showing your support for Seattle’s creative community.

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