#6 Larry Asher, Principal/CD at Worker Bees, Director at School of Visual Concepts

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What a great pleasure it was to spend time with advertising legend Larry Asher. Dave and Larry covered a lot of ground; yearbooks and art direction, Larry’s first copywriting jobs, the Princess Marguerite steamship, the history of SVC, Gutenberg (of course!), the importance of specializing, why you don’t want to be white rice, and much, much more.

Additional Show Notes

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Wayzgoose according to Wikipedia

The derivation of the term is doubtful. It may be a misspelling for “wasegoose”, from waseMiddle English for “sheaf”, thus meaning “sheaf” or “harvest goose“, a bird eaten at harvest-time, cf. the “stubble-goose” mentioned by Chaucer in The Cook’s Prologue.

The most likely origin is the word “Weg(s)huis”, which was current in early Modern Dutch.[citation needed] This word (literally, “way house”) was one of several words meaning the English “inn” and was figuratively used for “a banquet”. The Low Country origin of the word “wayzgoose” has never seriously been disputed by etymologists, seeing that much early chapel terminology was borrowed from Low Country printers by their English apprentices (and later journeymen). The variety of spellings and pronunciations (including with and without the “z”) indicate that it is an orally-borrowed Dutch word that fit somewhat uneasily in the mouth of English speakers.

Another plausible origin is a more general word for a merry-making or feast, reputedly referring to the grand goose-feast annually held at Waes, in Brabant, at Martinmas. However that is pronounced quite differently, as “Waas”. It apparently means “cloud-veil” in Dutch: also there are no places called Waes or Waas in Brabant, but there are several places with “Waes” in their name in East Flanders.

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